This Is Your Brain On Joy

by Dr. Earl Henslin

This Is Your Brain on Joy will help people find answers to struggles they have in their personal lives, in relationships, and career. For over a decade now Dr.

Henslin has been working with SPECT brain imaging to help balance brain chemistry issues to help people with addictions, anxiety, depression, ADD, and so many other issues.

The brain does play a role in everything you do! It plays a significant role for men in their roles as a father to their sons and daughters…the kind of husband, son, grandfather they are.

As an example, if anger is an issue, yes it can be wounds from their father that have not been healed that play a role in how anger is expressed. What we have also learned is anger that is expressed through verbal abuse, control, etc. might also be the result of the concussion that they received in high school playing football! There might be trauma to the temporal lobes that impacts how they manage anger.

I find when the brain is balanced, better control of anger occurs along with the ability to stay in touch with their feelings, and express them without causing hurt. Of course I do not mean to imply that this is just a male problem…of course women struggle with these issues as well!

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