Jayson Graves

Clinical Director, The SoulHealers

Jayson’s Bio

Jayson and SusanThe husband of Susan and father of Selah Rae & Asabella, Jayson is a Christian Pastoral Coach specializing in Mood issues, marital pastoral counseling, teen issues and more. He enjoys helping his clients from both a clinical and personal frame as a person in-process himself.

While earning his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University, the bulk of his experience has come from working with youth, in community mental health and men’s ministry. Since then, Jayson has enjoyed working with couples, individuals, young adults and teens in private practice. His passion is to see people set free from depression, anxiety, compulsivity, broken marriages and the kinds of things that plagues everyday Christians and hold them back from living to their potential.

Jayson is the founder and director of international pastoral counseling ministry The SoulHealers, providing individual and marital pastoral counseling…all available over the telephone and/or Skype worldwide. He’s also served as a conference speaker for New Life Ministry and Focus on the Family and as host of a nationally syndicated radio show and TV program.

Jayson’s Coaching¬†Style

Jayson Working“After being trained in Family Systems Theory, I take the approach of assessing the client’s whole life-body, mind & spirit (I Thessalonians 5:23)-including present beliefs, behaviors, and circumstances as well as past history/trauma and family-of-origin background. After the assessment phase, I help you as my client understand the roots of your struggle and present a clear, concrete treatment plan recommendation that’s as custom-tailored to your particular circumstances as possible. I focus on listening, asking questions that invoke your own sense of direction, and giving challenging, direct yet gentle and respectful feedback as you take steps to change direction. Prayer during sessions is available and encouraged according to your preference.” – Jayson Graves